Esusu is a traditional form of cooperation in African societies where groups of individuals contribute to informal savings and credit associations for their mutual benefit.

On Xend Finance, a group of two(2) individuals and more can be part of an Esusu cycle. An Esusu cycle has a fixed amount every contributor in that cycle has to deposit to be part of the cycle. The Esusu cycles have a payout interval for each member/contributor of the cycle. This payout interval is the time a particular member/contributor in the Esusu cycle can withdraw their Return-on-Investment of the fixed amount deposited at the start of the cycle.

After the payout time of every member of the Esusu cycle has reached, members of the cycle can withdraw the initial deposit made at the start of the cycle.

Esusu Features

An Esusu cycle has to be created as part of a group. Here is how to create a group.


Create Esusu cycle

Below the group created click Open

When a particular group is open, click the Create New Cycle button, and fill in the form for the details of the Esusu cycle. The details needed to create an Esusu cycle are the deposit amount, the duration of the cycle (which represents the duration for payment intervals for the members of the cycle), the start time, and the maximum number of individuals that can contribute/join the cycle.

If the process is successfully completed, a notification pops down with the success message.

How to join an Esusu cycle

Go back to the Esusu Cycle page and choose a group to join

When the Esusu details page opens up, you should see the Join Esusu button if you are yet to join the cycle. There are other conditions that affect the visibility of some of the buttons.

Esusu Contributions

You can easily view all the Esusu cycles you have contributed to. This page shows tabs for Esusu cycles created by you, pending cycles (cycles you have joined but are yet to start), cycles in progress, and completed cycles.

How to withdraw from an Esusu cycle

  • Click “View” on the chosen cycle

Withdraw ROI

  • Click “Withdraw ROI”

Notification “You just withdrew your ROI from this cycle” pops up

After withdrawing ROI, you can now withdraw your capital by clicking “Withdraw capital” as seen in the image below:

Withdraw Capital

  • Click “Withdraw Capital”

  • Click “Confirm” on metamask notification page

Notification; “You just withdrew your capital from this cycle” pops up.

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