Personal Savings

The Personal Savings feature on Xend Finance allows you to deposit any amount BUSD from your wallet balance, and after some time, the amount you deposit gains interest, and you can then withdraw the resulting amount. Your withdrawable amount is your share balance.

Deposit in Personal Savings

To deposit on your personal savings, select the personal card from the Xend Finance app.

Click on the drop-down card with the BUSD logo, from the drop-down menu, select the percentage of your personal wallet balance you will like to save, the app will calculate the amount and populate the amount field (you can also input the amount you want to save by typing in the amount).

Click on Save, click on Confirm on the MetaMask modals, to first authorize the transaction and secondly to perform the saving.

If the deposit was successful, a notification pops out from the top center of your screen "Deposit Successful".

Withdraw from Personal Savings

The amount withdrawable from your personal savings is the Share Balance.

To withdraw from your share balance, click on the drop-down card, select the percentage of your share balance, and click Withdraw.

Confirm the transaction from the MetaMask pop-up modal that comes out after clicking the Withdraw button.

If the withdrawal was successful, a "Successful Withdrawal" notification pops out.

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